Diploma Course in Parent Coaching ONLINE 14 October 2023

50,850.00 kr

Welcome to the Familylab Online Diploma Course in Parent Coaching – a unique training opportunity for individuals who are interested in coaching parents and couples. Our one year program has earned a FamilyLab International Coach Certification, ensuring that you’ll receive a top-quality education.

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Our Diploma Course in Parent Coaching is based on a dialogue-based approach with relational competence and the fundamental principles of coaching. We use course material from Jesper Juul’s teachings as well as the latest in the coaching field.

After completing the training, you will be able to:

  • Coach individuals in the process from the current state to the desired state.
  • Identify the individual’s needs behind their behavior.
  • Map out what builds a healthy psychological safety in a family.
  • Find a balance in your role as a mentor coach for parents.
  • Lead manual-based parenting courses and create your own workshops and lectures.

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