International FamilyLab Basic Training

International FamilyLab Basic Training

Do you want to create a positive change for families and our future? Join Family-Lab and our mission in making good families even better by becoming a seminar leader within relationship competence. 

Join therapists, teachers, parents and others in a training that takes your relationships skills to a new level. After the education you will be prepared and equipped with material to lead parenting courses, inspirational seminars or elevate your practice. Whether you are a therapists, teacher and/or parent what you will learn and develop during the education will transform transform your relationships and practice. is the Swedish part of an international education organization founded by the world renown family therapist Jesper Juul.

During the training, you will together with your fellow students and teachers immerse yourselves in the concepts of self-esteem – self confidence, integrity – cooperation and personal and social responsibility. Furthermore you will explore the values underpinning Jesper Juul and Family-Lab’s relational approach; Equal Dignity, Integrity, Authenticity and Responsibility as well as practical coaching training in parental issues. Finally, you will learn about the lecture guides and parental course material along with practice to develop the lectures and parental courses with your personal flavor.

Unique benefits and tools:
An effective tool that easy explains and analyzes the level of our inner qualities such as Self Esteem, Personal Responsibility and Integrity and importance of the inner values. You get training in both understanding and practical use of the analyze tool and the profound and often occurring effects and symptoms of when emphasis has been on external qualities (Self Confidence, Social Responsibility and Cooperation) and the existential qualities are low or lacking.

Discussions and work around the healthy intention behind a behavior that is problematic. Training and knowledge in helping families to heal and grow out of unhealthy behaviors towards becoming healthy, strong and kind from within. You will understand more and have knowledge in what damages our inner vital qualities and how to support children to develop and strengthen them.

Topics from the content:
Understanding the importance, defining and how to express Personal Boundaries– Essential Parental Leadership
– Develop Personal Authority
– Develop Self-Esteem Through Acknowledgment– Personal Integrity, Self-Esteem, Personal Responsibility – how you develop and
 nurture these existential qualities. 

For who is the education?

Social workers, Teachers, Professionals within Child Care, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Coaches, Lecturers, Consultants, Pediatricians, Nurses, Parents, Grandparents and others.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to sign up.

Included literature

Relational competence: Towards a new culture of education

Raising Competent Children: A New Way of Developing Relationships With Children

Family Life: The Most Important Values for Living Together and Raising Children

Practical preparation – Before you begin 

Please read ” Family Life” by Jesper Juul before the first day of the education. We will send you the book when we receive your application for the education.

Included material

Unique workshop and lecture manuals created for Family-Lab by Jesper Juul.
Subtitles include:

– From Couples to Family
– The Teenage Family
– At School -Children who feels safe and secure learn more
– Parental Leadership – Closeness, Respect and Boundaries
– Your Competent Child
– No! The Art of Saying No! with a Clear Conscience
– Patchwork Families
– Bonus Parenting
– From Divorse to a New Family
– Self-Esteem for You and Your Child.

After completed education you will receive a Family-Lab Diploma and you are ready to give lectures, parental courses and workshops under the Family-Lab name and use of the logo. Regarding use of Family-Lab’s brand and logo, if you plan to work outside Sweden, please contact for exact and updated information for your country. One year of supervision and membership included in the price. After first year annual membership is 300 Euro .

This education is hosted as a cooperation between FamilyLab Sweden and FamilyLab Denmark

Åșa Schill
Ulrika Faerch
Ulrika Kragell

Contact information: + 46734407773 (Ulrika).  +46704826614 (Åsa)
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Welcome! We look forward to see, learn and grow with you too!


Family-Lab Vision
“It applies to every family that the presence of love is not enough to guarantee the
well-being and personal growth of the family members. We need to learn how to
convert our loving feelings into loving behaviour, and this has to be learned from,
and with, each other. FamilyLab provides some well tried principles and values that
can function within family life. This, however, has to be intertwined with the
personal values and goals held by the parents in order to create a warm and
meaningful wholeness to all family members.
The Family-Lab vision is twofold and ambitious:
1: Through seminars, workshops, symposiums, websites, books, articles and films for
parents as well as professional educators we aim to improve the psycho-social health
and wellbeing of today’s and tomorrow’s parents and children – i.e. the rich variety
of families concerned with creating healthy relationships without violence and abuse
of neither adults nor children and youth.
2: Through public education, dialogue, formulation of values and information about
relevant scientific findings we want to influence not only the way men and women
think about and construct families but also the values and behavior of professionals
within nurseries, kindergartens and schools in order to create optimal environments
for mutual social, emotional, creative and academic learning.”
Jesper Juul mpf

Storgatan 3 Göteborg Sweden

Module one: 10-13 okt 2023
Module two: 28 nov – 1 dec 2023


09:00 – 16:30

including 25% VAT
€2200 Company with VAT nr

– 8 Days education,
– 3 Follow up 3h Group Skype education,
– Manuals written by Jesper Juul
– Diploma
– Coffee, fruit and snacks, all days
Accomodation: We recommend Hotel Poseidon +4631100550 Mention Schill Coaching and you will get discount.

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Your competent child
An Introduction written by Jesper Juul
“Traditional psychology often questions peoples’ emotions: How much do parents love their child? How much does a son hate his father? How angry is a daughter with her mother? These questions are important in that they allow people to express real pain. But I would like to underscore the fact that I have never met parents who have not loved their children, or Children who have not been attached to their parents. I have, however, met many parents and Children
who are unable to convert the loving feelings they have for each other into loving behavior.”


Kategori: FamilyLab International

Adress: FamilyLab Sverige Storgatan 3

Ort/plats: Göteborg Sverige

Datum: 10 oktober 2023

Längd: 8 days

Kostnad: € 2750 inc 25% VAT

Kl: 09:00 - 16:30

Kontakt/E-post: Skicka

Om Åsa Schill

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International FamilyLab Basic Training

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