Beata Ostaszewska

Hej! Hello! Salut! Witaj! ¡Hola! Привет!

If you are reading this, then maybe you need some sort of support.

Difficult life choices, problems with communication, generation gap,

burnout, fatigue, lack of motivation, questions where to start…?

I am here to help.

I will help you find optimal solution to the problem that you are facing right now.

You will have my full attention,

guaranteed confidentiality,

together with a back up of my life and professional experience 

as a Medical Doctor, 

a manager with MBA,

a Certified Parental and Family Coach,

and above all as a human 

and a parent.

I have lived in many countries, in various cultures, with all kind of people,

and I know that life can take different turns.

That’s just how life is.

But together we can make it better.

Don’t wait – get in touch!

Send me a word or two 🙂

Start. Now.

Let’s talk,


PS. We can communicate in English, French, Polish or (with some constraints) Swedish, Spanish and Russian. The choice is yours 🙂


Om Beata

Verksam som: Coach

Ort: Lund

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